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I’m a creative collaborator from Stuttgart, Germany. I work as a creative director and creative consult in the fields of brand development, music videos, artist development,  film and motion design. I’m collaborating with a huge range of people from underground artists to some of the most prestigious brands or creative agencies.


Death by Love [shortfilm]
currently in post-production

This shortfilm is about a love story of two young girls in London. They were connected through a near future dating app. The two girls will spend 12 hours together in East-London. This will lead to a dramatic ending. Dinks, drugs, sex, love, fights and death.


Utopie · RAHÎ [music video]

How to visualize an utopia? A world where there are no wars, where love is the only thing everyone believes in. Rahî is singing about an illusion but they are not living in it so maybe you also have to see the rough world we are living in? But this world is melting and it is breaking through digital effects. Are they in a dream world or is this what will happen if the utopia won’t become realistic?

Kopf und Herz · Labyrinth [music video]

For this video the band wanted to create a modern look which also reflects the good old times of britpop and britrock such like OASIS. To achieve this look the video was shot in a simple environment of a warehouse and it is kept in a black and grey look. Different overlay effects and other vfx were placed to create a modern aesthetic.

Kopf und Herz · MoT [music video]

The video concept here is that the lead singer get high of their own music. In his trippy dreams he images his dream life and how he would be a famous singer. He sees his band mates and fans screaming for him. In reality he is still alone in his room – acting crazy.

RIN · Ljubav / Beichtstuhl [music video]

The artist Rin takes much pride in his fashion choices. That’s why it was important to give the whole music video more a feel of a fashion lookbook than a rap music video.
The look was created with a special colour grading which was inspired by fashion blogs like street etiquette and old school skateboarding videos.
The visual effects are very important for this project. Especially VHS-Effekt and the RGB-Split. This was an upcoming trend in the year 2015. It had such an impact for the german hiphop scene that videos which are getting released in the year 2018 still use this look.

Bausa · Seelenmanöver EP [teaser]

Bausa needed to be shown to the world. His first E.P. was in the pipeline and he wanted to give the world an overview of his new music. The video was shot in one day and it is basically just a day in the life of this mad man!

CAZ · Wirrklichkeit Cover Art
[visual concepts]
[creative thinking]

Creative process of creating ideas for a cover art for an album cover by the rapper and musician CAZ. The first idea was based on the working title “Wirrklichkeit” which is a word combination of the two words: Chaos and reality.

The images to the left are showing the creative process of creating an album cover.